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What is Extended Reality (XR)? Drop Down Icon

Extended Reality (XR) merges virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create captivating experiences. XR expands reality by immersing users in computer-generated environments or enhancing their physical surroundings with digital overlays. It combines VR headsets for immersion and AR devices like smartphones for overlaying digital content onto the real world. XR revolutionizes storytelling, gaming, education, and training, transforming how we engage with content.

XR technology allows users to experience our product through various means. With VR headsets, users can dive into immersive virtual environments. By using mobile insert headsets, such as smartphone-based solutions, users can enjoy a more portable and accessible XR experience. Additionally, our product can be experienced in 3D mode without the need for any headset, allowing users to explore and interact with content directly on their devices. This versatility ensures that users can engage with our product in a way that suits their preferences and available resources.

What is eyeora? Drop Down Icon

A cutting-edge, Extended Reality (XR) creative studio that empowers all content creators to become pro XR content creators and distributors.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, eyeora provides a low-cost, socially-distanced option that enables artists, educators, businesses and brands to connect with their audiences in an incredibly high impact way - wherever they are. Content and events can be created, shared and monetised all on one socially connected XR platform. It's Extended Reality made simple.

Studio Features

Extended Reality made simple

eyeora’s user-friendly creative studio combines real-time 360 content management and 3D XR room customisation with the ability to share and monetise your content.
No high-entry costs, no coding, no lengthy post-production.

Pro Icon
Pro Icon

Create Pro XR 360 content

Create drag & drop gaze control hotspots or auto sync multiple camera angles in main scenes within seconds. No coding, save 70% on post-production.

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Real-time video editing

Upload scenes or angles and let our XR studio & cloud servers do all the rendering. Make new changes in real-time and auto-publish.

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Quick & cost efficient process

Gone are the days waiting hours for a 1hr video to be rendered. Save time, money and improve every XR experience with our XR studio.

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Customisable & social

Customise your XR Room in real-time using links, images, logos and much more. Schedule public or private events with the click of a button.

More features

Built for Business

Whether it’s employee training, a client presentation or a fan experience, eyeora's XR platform offers a powerful new way to connect, collaborate and engage with your audience, even when the universe conspires to keep us apart.

Entertaiment Image
Entertaiment Icon


The show must go on. Take performances to the fans and deliver the ultimate event experience with access to 360° film, front row views and exclusive backstage experiences. Whether it’s an album launch, an intimate gig or a big stadium show, eyeora is the new way to deliver and monetise live entertainment.

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Sports Icon


Bring your fans to the centre of the action.
Offer them a seat in the dugout or maybe the umpire’s chair. Take them behind the scenes to experience a pre-match dressing room, or invite them to watch their sporting heroes train.

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eSports Icon


Give your followers the content they deserve.
Deliver the best live and on-demand content direct to your followers and take advantage of being able to connect with them in your own personalised virtual hangout location.

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Corporate Icon


Continue to engage with the people that matter most.
Whether you want to deliver an employee training session, a client pitch or showcase your latest product to customers, eyeora enables you to get as close as possible to your audience - anytime, anywhere.

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OTT Services Icon

OTT Services

Dive into a vast library of movies, TV shows, and original content, all at your fingertips. Whether it's action-packed blockbusters or heartwarming dramas, our platform offers a personalized viewing experience tailored to your preferences. Embrace the convenience of streaming and immerse yourself in a world of endless entertainment possibilities.

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Spiritual Icon


Give your followers the content they deserve.
Deliver the best live and on-demand content direct to your followers and take advantage of being able to connect with them in your own personalised virtual hangout location.

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Dive into the metaverse! Elevate your booth instantly with eyeora—XR demos, 2D/360 showcases, and branding in minutes. Keep it active year-round for presentations, a 3D website, and more. Unleash the metaverse on eyeora at a minimal cost!

Education Image
Education Icon


Elevate your teaching/training with eyeora's limitless XR metaverse. Experience the power of XR visual learning—hologram lessons, immersive presentations, and more. Connect remote learners effortlessly. Unleash the future of education and training!


Create content. Share content. Drive revenue.

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Create content. Share content. Drive revenue.

Switch on pay per view

Create engaging content for your fans and followers to experience and then monetise it by utilising our built-in pay per view feature.

Earn advertising revenue

eyeora’s ad plug-in feature rewards those with high numbers of visitors to their locations and events. Earn up with 3rd-party advertising revenue (beta) after your first month.

The eyeora XR Studio

The power is in your hands

Harness the power of Extended Reality using eyeora’s turnkey studio. Create, share and monetise your content quickly, easily and cost efficiently, through eyeora’s unique, all-in-one platform - no technical skills needed.

Premium experience

Deliver immersive experiences that entertain, excite and inspire.

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No expert skills needed

A studio that makes everyone a Pro Extended Reality content creator.

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Instant market entry

Create Extended Reality content in minutes, publish in seconds.

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Cost efficient

Save on production costs and scale your offering to suit your needs.

Video ImageVideo Image

Welcome to your XR creative studio.

Everything you need to get started as a XR content creator in minutes.

Platform Features

What can your audience expect?

eyeora's inclusive, community-based Virtual Reality platform has all the features needed to guarantee a fully immersive and social XR experience for your audience.

Free, easy access to the app via variety of stores for VR headsets


Option to view 2D, 3D and 360 content - both free and PPV


A personalised and customisable 3D hangout location


Option to meet with friends/colleagues and attend events together


A personalised 3D avatar


Ability to verbally chat with others


Freedom to move around in the virtual environment


Easy navigation using gaze control - no need for handheld remotes

eyeora App

Download the free eyeora app.

Your audience can browse content, buy tickets and get notifications on new events and content. As a Creator you can keep track of all your content statistics including traffic and earnings.

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eyeora for Explorers

Experience the magic of Extended Reality

Album launches, music gigs, sporting events - experience it all and much more, in Extended Reality.

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Extended Reality

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With your mobile insert VR headset or 3D Mode

Download the eyeora app on your mobile and insert it into your headset or use 3D mode to experience content, locations or events in 360 x 360 view.

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With your VR headset

Download the eyeora app on any of these headsets.

Within app personalise avatars, create holograms or meet ups & more

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No Headset? Let Us Help

Find a headset to suit any budget in our 'How to watch XR' guide.

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Start your journey as an XR creator. Customise your own 3D hangout location, create a personalised 3D avatar and schedule meet-ups in XR.

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Partner with us on tailormade XR solutions featuring options such as a custom branded platform, custom storage and an enhanced advertising revenue share (beta).

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