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Who we are

We are a groundbreaking technology company that is redefining how Extended Reality content is created, shared, experienced and monetised. Driven by a passionate belief in the power of XR to enhance everyday life, we have created a social platform that brings together XR ‘Creators’ and XR ‘Explorers’ into one connected network.

Driving content creation for the platform is our turnkey ‘studio’, that gives entertainers, athletes, brands, rights holders, influencers, businesses and educators all the tools they need to connect and engage with their audience through the ultimate experiential medium of XR. No high-entry costs, no coding, no lengthy post-production – it's Extended Reality made simple.

Shaping the future of Extended Reality by empowering everyone to be Creators and Explorers within one connected XR world.

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What we do for Creators

We enable creators to get closer to their audiences by harnessing the power of Extended Reality.

We do this by delivering a turnkey XR creative studio that empowers non-technical 'Creators' to create, share and monetise their Extended Reality experiences and events - quickly, easily and cost efficiently, through our all-in-one social XR platform.

We also work with brands that prefer to host XR content on their own platforms.

What we do for Explorers

We provide an immersive, community-based Extended Reality platform where 'Explorers' can connect, discover content, experience events and explore new worlds created by eyeora, our partners and the eyeora community.

We make it easy for everyone to experience XR through any mobile insert headset, in 3D Mode, as well as a growing number of standalone headsets. Our app is free to download from both the AppStore and the Google Play Store.

We also provide the tools that empower 'Explorers' to become Virtual Reality 'Creators' themselves. We make it easy and affordable for all users to create, customise, share and even monetise their own XR locations and events.

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