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Frequently asked questions

Extended Reality (XR) merges virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to create captivating experiences. XR expands reality by immersing users in computer-generated environments or enhancing their physical surroundings with digital overlays. It combines VR headsets for immersion and AR devices like smartphones for overlaying digital content onto the real world. XR revolutionizes storytelling, gaming, education, and training, transforming how we engage with content.

XR technology allows users to experience our product through various means. With VR headsets, users can dive into immersive virtual environments. By using mobile insert headsets, such as smartphone-based solutions, users can enjoy a more portable and accessible XR experience. Additionally, our product can be experienced in 3D mode without the need for any headset, allowing users to explore and interact with content directly on their devices. This versatility ensures that users can engage with our product in a way that suits their preferences and available resources.

A cutting-edge, Extended Reality (XR) creative studio that empowers all content creators to become pro XR content creators and distributors.

During the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, eyeora provides a low-cost, socially-distanced option that enables artists, educators, businesses and brands to connect with their audiences in an incredibly high impact way - wherever they are. Content and events can be created, shared and monetised all on one socially connected XR platform. It's Extended Reality made simple.