The Portal is a VR wearable that allows any size smartphone device to be inserted, very affordable and completely portable, the ideal companion for the 360eye camera (see camera’s above) and for any 360/VR app in Google/iTune stores, simply download (e.g. evivoo VR app – play games, watch events, rental in cinema, explore worlds, tours, lessons and more).

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Product Description


Portal it’s all you need to have an amazing VR experience, without breaking the bank.

  • Custom made VR lenses:  High-definition 3D effect

  • Farsightedness and nearsightedness settings

  • Compatible with most recent smartphones (Android & iPhone), 3.5-6inch

  • Optical settings: IPD and focal length adjustment

  • Interchangeable face contact foam

  • Support headphone and charging cable plugged in.

  • With good quality plastic and leather cover

  • Good heat dissipation with hole, and you can even remove the backside board.

 Technical Specs

Model G-01 3D VR Glasses
Suitable size 3.5-6″ (58*155mm to 81*155mm)
Weight 378g
Lens Material Resin
Sight adjustment 75.5mm- 85mm
Lens Aspheric optical lens design
High Transmittance nano-coating technology
Media Player 3D Video playback support
2D Video convert to 3D support
Material ABS
Interpupillary distance Adjustable
Focal length Adjustable
Additional Information
Weight 0.650 kg
Dimensions 240 × 120 × 180 cm