HMD - plug n play - it has been hush, hush until now, the secret weapon is COMING SOON! this headset will raise the bar, no OS installation, compatible to any mobile, laptop, desk top, gaming console, front camera, augmented reality, developers kit and more, simply plug in or install apps, full details to be revealed soon. Consumer Pre Sales begins Nov 2015 for Q1 Shipping to early buyers (Patentable IP/Hardware) - this VR wearable headset will change everything you thought you knew was possible with VR experiences.

Standalone HMD interface

The 'Primum' is a state of the art standalone HMD interface, no smartphone insert required!
Innovation should never be hindered the lack of resources or tools, which is why the 'Primum' was designed to be affordable. Consisting of a head-tracker, a display, double-lens optics as well as connective cables, you have all you need to have an amazing VR experience, without breaking the bank.


Interested in owning a Primum VR wearable, then simply preorder now!, be among the first VR Visitors and Explorers, it will make the ideal escape Primum into a real or artificial world for social, events, games, education, presentations and life moments!