Portal is a VR wearable that allows any size smartphone device to be inserted, very affordable and completely portable, the ideal companion for the 360eyeora camera and for any 360/VR app in Google/iTune stores, simply download (e.g. evivoo VR app - play games, watch events, rental in cinema, explore worlds, tours, lessons and more).

VR in your phone.

With the 'Portal' you can experience 360 degree video, images that NOW capture life moments, sports or entertainment events, educational lectures, lessons or property viewing and presentation to name a few possibilites. Portal it is also compatible to augmented reality apps, by removing front cover and exposing smartphone camera. eyeora: beyond reality simply offers YOU a LIVE or TIME TRAVEL Portal to RELIVE MOMENTS!


Interested in owning a Portal VR wearable, then simply order now, be among the first VR Visitors and Explorers, it will make the ideal escape Portal into a real or artificial world for social, events, games, education, presentations and life moments!