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eyeora mette a disposizione la sua esperienza nel mondo della realtà virtuale ed offre l'integrazione senza problemi di applicazioni VR personalizzate su app/siti esistenti oppure costruire nuove idee da zero. Con i nostri team di sviluppo nessun progetto, collaborazione o soluzione per una impresa sarà troppo grande.

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Non serve andare in banca rotta, noi vi offriamo le nostre risorse per risparmiare tempo e lavoro per soluzioni personalizzate che soddisferanno le vostre necessità. Con le nostre librerie software e la nostra esperienza il vostro progetto sarà completo e professionale.

Soluzioni web/app di streaming VR per monetizzare, servizi educativi, piattaforme mediche, sistemi di social network, giochi, training tutorials, etc... Possiamo gestire tutto questo, abbiamo tutto quello che serve per fare partire subito il vostro progetto!

having to showcase a product in real life scenarios to a client or assist to set up/fit-out and use product is now not only in real life walk through it expands your showroom and past client port-folio, fit-outs etc... which can also lead to existing clients buying new ranges and products due to a virtual reality showroom. Simply point the 360eye and record your VR showroom, ship out a Portal headset with every product order and instruct on your existing website the app download options. Wouldn’t it be great that your sales reps or current office location can sit down a potential client, showcase real life fit-outs or tutorials in order to close a deal, WOW, immerse and present your products in a real world presentation, it will make the difference to close deals and will be the pitch standard expected.

with instant multi VR viewing, rather than hope potential buyers/rental (clients) like what they see by an agent presenting a property in person, the first logical and economical step will be to invite the clients at the office direct for a virtual reality demo. VR presentations offers a life like perception, idea of actual space due to being in the property, in person, not trying to digest a property by scrolling a PC or mobile device. Ops savings: If an agent can showcase a larger port-folio in less time than e.g. 20 properties per hour, rather than 1 property per hour, then the probability of closing an agreement is much higher and the clients can then select their favourite option to view in person, no time wasting. For a business this instantly generates operation savings as well as attracts more clients to yourbusiness due to innovative VR integration.

the ‘360eyeora’ and ‘Portal’ instantly transforms your current online audience into invited real-life audiences to what ever location you like!! for example our partners allows you to self-manage and upload VR content direct into your channel (web/app) for global VR viewing on a free or monetization basis.This simply means your online audience can purchase an online PPV Pass on evivoo for your scheduled event, rental on demand or paid monthly channel package and experience your self-managed VR CONTENT and even join their VR visitor friends to any event or location on this beautifully evolved planet of ours. Film-makers, Artist and talent now has the tools to invite online audiences into their world, build interesting advertising/sponsorship deals, remove content piracy looses from the list and take control of how their audiences get access to videos, audio, images etc... Sold out or limited seating events or touring budgets can be utilized to achieve global real-life VR Visitor events and tours TODAY, the audience gets the real up close experience with eyeora VR tools!

the same potential applies for online education services and institutions such as EU Online Universities who have partnered with eyeora to integrate VR lessons, class rooms, lectures, PPV events etc... in their very own VR University World. Just one example of how other similar educational services can benefit NOW with these 2 products and custom applications, real-life virtual reality content expands your physical location into a global space and market, with endless advantages when branding growth and awareness is in question e.g. partners can invite or advertise each others online VR visitor traffic to many locations or VR spaces for higher than average click or impression value, its immediate visual impact.

eyeora are solving serious phycological issues communicated by medical and health studies when distance, lack of presence or quality time is concerned. The ‘Relive Moment’ campaign on eyeora and partners for the 360eye & Portal products, not only offers immediate benefits for archiving important life moments, travelling back in time and experiencing the moments/events in person again or inviting or showcasing to others in order to allow them to Relive VR content Today, by having this option these products offer immediate phycological benefits and relief. WHY? you may ask, long distance relationships e.g. a Chef working in London with a wife and child in south Italy loose quality time, precious moments, a natural bond between wife and child that is important for peace of mind and well being. NOW the chef can put on a VR Portal on his break or after hours and Relive Moments he would normally mis out on, not just a video playback on a mobile or PC, he is in the room with his family, celebrates with them, sees the first steps, word, day at school etc… and his family can also do the same, they can stay closer in VR, rather than worlds away. eyeora believe with these VR products, 360 capture content and in person experiences, eventually long distance relation and circumstance will almost fade away any phycological burden. VR visiting will allow the bond, peace of mind and emotional archives grow in more natural way, better than how we can with current broadcasting options. VR 360 video capture simply offers the real life, in person experience that will solve these issue or burdens and keep people closer than ever before, start to Relive Moments NOW on eyeora.

VR is becoming a must item for the transport and security industry due to the complete capture of all surroundings and saving on having multi cameras to replicate the same capture. The Future of Transport and Security is allowing managers to be there in VR Mode and see up close what is happening on transport or in a client where house. eyeora also have a remote control stand that can monitor a whole facility if an alarm is activated, rather than sending a key holder at 4 in the morning, with other sensors and analytics that can be transferred in real time during an inspection.

Imagine schools, colleges and universities allowing their students to travel in VR mode to your countries landmarks, cities and museums. Travel agencies promoting with the same VR presentation tools, can convince more people, history being reconstructed to name a few concepts. All access is controlled by governments via services like www.evivoo.cvom, tuoVR or custom apps, governments are constantly looking to find new funding strategies. Online VR shopping could also be an great collaboration with Tourism, allowing VR visitors to shop while they visit on their own or in groups in VR mode, purchasing with online stores linked to actual shopping centre stores, it will change the way the world interacts and generates consistent income 24/7, giving retailer more consumers and also people wanting to be travelers, yet can’t due to finances or circumstances, the next best thing is as a VR visitor. Reselling eyesore products or supplying partners with 360eyeora camera and portal wearable is all thats needed to get started and generate new revenue streams.

Any Sports Club can start to use 360eyeora for various reason, being track practice matches, allow players to see their performances as well as the coach perspective on playback in order to perfect their game. With customized apps, gather analytical data like various play times, movement, consistencies, speed etc... We talked about inviting fans who cant buy or afford real seat tickets on game day, its a no brainer to expand the audience for any Sports event, using pay per view told like Taking the revenue strategy to another level is starting to invite fans as VR visitors to awards nights, presentations, behind the scenes, training and interviews etc... allowing them to do it social online with other fans and friends will also start to build pre-determined audiences and sponsorship appeal 24/7, generating new revenue earnings for clubs.

VR helps unfortunate circumstances like the elderly in Age Care homes not miss out on family events due to travel restrictions or distance at times, HOW? Age Care services can now resell eyeora products or provide as a service by supplying 360eyeora cameras to families who can capture life moments, then use services like evivoo or tuoVR to upload content and share with their elderly family members. Phycological research tells us that the impact and well being of not missing out or feeling like you are part of a moment can create miracles in some cases. Escaping from the same surroundings into a VR world, experience or family moment can do wonders for creativity and state of mind in general. Hospitals who have terminally ill or long term stay patients can now use the same strategy as Age care Homes and also create a new revenue stream by reselling products and services at the same time. New birth? Do you wanna be there and see the baby but you’re on the other side of the world? No problem, stream it on Evivoo/TuoVR, recorded it with 360eyeora, no film maker skills required, simply upload and build a VR library, it is the future to RELIVE MOMENTS!

eyeora and evivoo both have film production services that can come and capture your property, event, concert, keynote, wedding etc... in 2D and 360. This can also be a monthly contract for your venue, university, business etc... depending on budget and requirements. Our teams can also handle post editing, making your VR content look control ready and professional presented for your purpose. Our specialized teams can also train your internal teams initially and allow you to take our skills as your own in no time, simply add this to a package bundle if purchasing cameras, wearables or custom apps.