The 360stitch is the state of the art 360 x 360 spherical video stitching software that will allow post editing to be user friendly and ideal for any multi camera 360 rig in the market. The ultimate post production companion for our 360scopic (16 lens) or 360sphere (7 lens) camera rig, ready for PRO VR capture!

360stitch made easy!

With 360stich software you will no longer need any post editing teaching course, because it has been made to load contents directly from SD cards or from the device itself. Just select "render" and the software will take care of the rest!


Interested in owning the 360stitch software? simply 'pre order' and get it downloaded as soon as available in Feb 2016, it will be available as a license SDK software and compatible to most PC's, laptops and iMacs.

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