eyeora are proud to offer virtual reality enthusiast the tools to capture immersive content the first remote controlled 360scopic HD camera: 360 x 300 - 3D stereoscopic capture with16 Lens. WiFi remote control for power and record on/off, 16 SD cards, bulk file transfers, captures a full sphere, an ideal VR standard.

360scopic Specs

• 4k quality video capture
• power + record on/off remote controller or button
or realtime visual app
• mobile battery or plug in option
• 16 or 7 micro SD card slots + 1 x bulk file transfer
• 360stitch video/image software (inclusive 2015)
• air vents & inbuilt cooling system - on/off
• anti-heating material
• charge leads - plugs into custom stand or direct
• custom stand - can move on wheels, remote back
up power/storage at base, built in tripod.


Interested in owning a 360scopic, simply select 'order now' below and get it shipped for christmas day, be among the first VR film-makers to archive immersive films, moments, events, presentations, keynotes to name a few.... and build a VR library for present and future VR visitors and explorers to experience.

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