360eyeora video converter

With 360eyeora video converter share you videos has never been easier!

New Features

- Added Thumbnail Preview

- Added a new Panoramic Button which will convert our 6480 x 1080 stacked video into an unstacked video.

- Added a Lower Resolution Output button to convert videos to play on Android devices that do not support 4K video. If you previously received a message on your Android device that the video was not supported when playing, you can convert the video and it will lower the resolution and allow it to play on your Android device.

- The application will also allow you to convert our 6480 x 1080 or the 3840x640 videos to YouTube format. YouTube metadata is automatically added! No need to use the Youtube app!


1) Download the 360eyeora Video Converter by click one of the links below. The application for Windows 64 Bit is coming soon.

2) Install the the 360eyeora Beta Video Converter by clicking on the ZIP file.

3) Open the the 360eyeora Exporter Application

4) Drag and drop the video onto the "Drop eyeora Video Here" or click the box to choose the video from the file manager.

5) We recommend that you leave the checkbox to overlay the 360eyeora compass grid. Really cool feature when viewed in the 360 degree YouTube player.

6) Select the video format that you want to convert to either YouTube, Panoramic or to a Lower Res Output for Mobile devices that do not support the 4k video.

7) Allow a few minutes for the video to complete. The output video file will be saved in the same directory on your computer where the video is stored.

8) If your video was recorded upside down, you can use the 360eyeora Converter and check the "Add Rotate Tag" to allow you to flip the video right side up.