We invite you to experience the World Soccers Stars 2019 (FootBall Match + Akon Concert) in Virtual Reality (VR), filmed LIVE on the 27th & 28th April 2019. Watch and verbal chat with friends online, front row seats, control and follow the action with multiple camera angles, access to EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes contact. VR allows you revisit the experience as if in person, with others and access to many other VR games, apps and content.

VR Headset.

From the 16th March 2019, at the Package Mall (Karachi), PICK UP an EARLY BIRD limited time offer to BUY the 'World Soccer Star 2019' VR Headset + 'WSS VR PASS' for only $20 USD or BUY online here until 31st March 2019. Our VR headset are compatible to any mobile device, simply register to download the WSS VR App below and get ready for the experience of a life time!

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The evivoo experience in your hands
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We 360 multi camera capture the Football match & Akon Concert


register online and purchase an early bird specials deal offers, will send entry code via email


after 31st March receive email with entry code and VR App download link

ReLive the moment

You, your friends and your family can relive the emotion of that moment through the VR Headset

Compatible Apps

Our wearables are very versatile and highly compatible. You can take advantage of the many apps in the Google Play / App Store. Visit our page with the list of compatible VR App